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Specific info for those. We organized a quintet. All kinds of music. How Deep Is the Ocean? The application of these scales and modes yields a more exotic, Eastern European flavor to compositions. He stays close to the melody at first, then gains a measure of confidence and launches into flight.

Harris was continuing to successfully evolve the melodic language of bebop, and the bebop concept of group interaction, at a time when many players had started to explore other sources of melodic invention and other concepts of ensemble playing.

Donald is still Donald. What was that like? We played all over LA. That as no steady gig. Gerry and the others experimented with the format before the live audiences until things began to gel. We went to a little Italian restaurant and he showed me the book so that I could see what I had to do. Two are particularly obvious, those being hard bop and Duke Ellington. The solos, however, are straight jazz.

Jazzland is in Vienna. This page was deleted. Welcome To Your Account! It was just great. Who booked that tour? Download or print Mariah Carey All I Want For Christmas Is You sheet music notes, chords in minutes. Each student will provide free music instruction at a Los Angeles public school at least once a week. All of the solos on the final take are extremely relaxed, as if the musicians could breathe easier once the tortuous head had been negotiated.

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