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For president: Bill Clinton.

National Defense Authorization Acts. Our Sacramento bureau chief John Myers explains what you should know about each of those propositions in this rundown, which includes short videos on each proposition. Joshua Scott brings the absolute worst type of young Republican, business guy energy.

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California Debt Limit Allocation Committee: American Recovery and.

George Gascón for District Attorney. Green New Deal, Medicare For All, and the Homes Guarantee, recognizing the urgent need to address the crises of climate change, healthcare, and housing affordability. The new system was expected to reduce the need for most polling places and to expedite voting. This will be a tight race, and it is imperative that Schmerelson wins.

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Service workers should be able to walk or bike a short distance to work, not have to travel across the city. PLEASE RETRACT YOUR ENDORSEMENT OF THESE CANDIDATES.

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  • However, this bond is not the way to accomplish those goals.

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Reform advocates, building on the long history of policing activism in Los Angeles, have called for stronger oversight into the LASD.

According to campaign materials, Sen. With safer streets and more reliable public transportation, more people will choose to leave their cars at home, opt not to pay for parking, and frequent local businesses. This time, every registered voter will get a blank ballot by mail, but not quite yet.

He now lives in Studio City.
Your traditional polling place may cease to exist.

The California Democratic Party, Sen. Caro Jauregui supports reallocating school police funding for other purposes and increasing funding for special education, and supports a moratorium on new charters. The kkkops are also arresting ppl even as they driving home from protests that never happened.

Los Angeles news, tacos, art, events. Lacey claims to champion. If Montebello is committed to preserving their newfound financial stability and to restoring trust in their local leadership, a vote for Peralta is a vote for those goals. USPS, increasing accountability of police misconduct, and limiting American engagement in hostilities in or against Iran this year, of which all have successfully passed.

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Representative Maxine Waters is running against a Republican who openly praises President Trump for the economy.

Get the latest news delivered daily! Holly Mitchell has been amazing and effective champion for progressive causes in the State Legislature, including from her position as chair of the Senate Budget committee. The company established Tribune Media as a spinoff company and rebranded as Tronc, Inc.

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  • If Metro can get people to work faster than driving can, people will be more likely to use it.
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  • We invite you to use our commenting platform to engage in insightful conversations about issues in our community. District One is mostly made of the Richmond District.
  • Where Holly Mitchell works for transformative change, Herb Wesson is an extremely transactional politician. County safe from violent and dangerous criminals.
  • It means voters get to choose how, when and where to vote.

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According to campaign materials, Rep. Amends the constitution to allow those on parole for a felony conviction to vote in elections. Vote Centers in seven counties across the state.

Ride sharing, light rail and other existing options must be affordable, reliable, and safe.

On paper, the odds favor of the lanky, voluble Newsom, who not long ago was being discussed as a potential future presidential candidate.