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Meander lines, as shown by government surveys of land bounded by a lake or river, are merely for the purpose of ascertaining the quantity of land to be conveyed, and do not constitute its boundary.

Based on the statement checked in Section II, theassessormust review and ascertain the appropriateness of the application. Level IV damage assessment rating if the property is a total loss, meaning that repair of the property is not feasible. The appellate court held that after a real estate contract is made, the purchaser becomes the equitable owner of the land. The defendants had become aware of the possible expansion prior to listing the property for sale.

If a schedule is revisedthe public bodywithin seven daysmust post, mail and file any revision in the manner described above. The defendant countered with claims for quiet title, constructive trust, promissory estoppel, and declaratory judgment. For example, when a landowner grants surface rights for oil and gas exploration, the transaction is most likely a lease. Instruments Exempt from Doc.

The court found that the parties had agreed that the conveyance was temporary while a separate lawsuit against the plaintiff by his siblings was pending and first defendant would return the farmland and minerals on demand.

Pipeline damage / The easement property